This story gives you the keys and inspiration to illuminate your own soul's path.

 "An ancient prophecy, says when the 

  Eagle of North America and the Condor of South America unite, the spirit of peace will awaken on Earth. After waiting for millennia, many native peoples believe the time is now."


The Eagle and the Condor has just been published in Danish!

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"The Eagle and the Condor,
A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey"

Winner of the 2007 COVR Book Award!

Finalist in the National BEST BOOKS 2007 Award!

Writer's Digest judge: "Of all the New Age books, this was the most compelling."


We are each so much more than we can imagine. This true story brings you along on the intimate path of spiritual initiation. It evokes Native American and Incan myths, and legends of the lost continent of Lemuria. In Peru, the author discovers that an Andean shaman is her Soul's twin flame. With  the help of spirit guides and mystical visions, she brings ancient knowledge and spiritual power to light. You will laugh and cry and learn.


        ISBN# 0-9785384-4-7 StoneTree Publishing $ 22

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Jonette is no ordinary spiritual being. I saw a spiritual leader even before she told me of her life's journey. Jonette is a wise grandmother in a youthful personage. She is a chosen one - to awaken, teach and guide us on our true path of walking forward into the future world. Her book has a message for all peoples - white, red, yellow and black, validatting their spiritual journeys.

                                                                                    Grand Chief Woableza, Council of Spiritual Elders


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About the Book


     Imagine Machu Picchu—the splendor, the green. You’re standing on the highest promontory—the Temple of the Sun, soaking it all in. All of a sudden, you’re taken back to another time when you are an Incan Priest or Priestess. As you fall through this wormhole in time, you’re not alone. Simultaneously the same thing is happening to another person in your group. Without words, together you perform a powerful initiation that you don’t remember but you know. Imagine magical occurrences such as this one happening again and again as you travel through Peru; some of the events linking back through your life to decades earlier, and millions of years before—to Lemuria. How would you make sense of all of it?


     This story enfolds you in mystical richness as you walk with the author in a sacred forest in Australia, a trek to the Mount Everest base camp in the Himalayas, and to Machu Picchu in the Andes. She learns to communicate with spirit guides and take people with her on journeys of consciousness. Unexpectedly she discovers that the Andean shaman she has hired is her soul’s Twin Flame (and she didn’t even believe in Twin Flames until the moment she set eyes on him!). They find themselves sharing a grass hut in the Amazon—and she is a happily married businesswoman.


     After all this, her guiding voice insisted that she write a book, and that she go back to Peru a second time—alone, for the solstice with the shaman.

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     In addition to being a masterfully written tale that you won’t want to put down, the book contains the actual words and energies of powerful spiritual initiations and activations. Jonette wrote this book to be of value at three different levels.


     First, it is an intriguing and entertaining story—trekking to Mount Everest, Native American prophecies, Inca legends, a Sun Disc from the lost continent of Lemuria, an Andean Shaman who is her Twin Flame.


     Second, there is deep learning and practical wisdom throughout. For instance, “The more dangerous side of ego is pretending to be less than the greatness we are”; and, “Don’t make love, let Love make you.”


     The third level is energetic. The book contains spiritual initiations, shamanic journeys and meditations designed to activate the higher dimensional codes and energies within you. Many readers have experienced significant personal shifts just by reading the book. The initiations include:

  • A Heart Activation from the Himalayas,
  • An activation into Life Flow from the Amazon,
  • Full-moon over Machu Picchu Meditation,
  • Raising the twin serpent energies (kundalini),
  • Being encoded with the energies of wisdom from the Sun Disc of the Incas,
  • Using Twin-Soul energies to heal the balance between Female and Male in yourself and the world.


     The third level of value is why Jonette wrote the book—it is a vehicle for spiritual growth, designed to awaken your spirit and lift you to a higher state of personal consciousness just by reading it.


     The marketing plan is word-of-mouth. So, let us know what you think, once you read it. (There will be a place for reader’s BLOGs soon.) Jonette is happy to autograph your copy in a way that empowers the energies in the book for your personal journey.


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You will be touched and expanded.

  This book is intriguing

  and drew me in. Jonette

  expresses deep wisdom

  in each page.  

     James Twyman, author

        "Emissary of Light"


  Crowley's visionary

  storytelling demonstrates

  that there is so much

  more to life than what

  you see.

    Lynn Andrews, author

       "Medicine Woman"

  I love authentic stories

  of spirituality. This one

  has a powerful message

  that will leave your heart

  changed forever.

      Glenda Green, author

       "Love without End"